Pls note all our products are covered under Warranty for a period of 6 months from the date of sale. The local customers of Delhi/NCR will be served by our Service centre directly & policy for the out of station customers is as follows:
-As an immediate remedy & solution we have provided a FREE SPARES PART KIT (worth Rs.750/- which includes 1 Kitchen apron also) in each model . This kit consists of main spare parts of the machine which may sometimes get broken/worn out because of multi -handling of commercial machines in the Hotel/Restaurant kitchen -These parts include Motor& Jar couplers,Jar Cover gaskets,Rubber rings, Carbon set, Jar blades etc.So there is hardly any need for Service/parts to the user .However in rare case of Motor getting defective during Warranty period the customer has to courier the defective motor to our base office in Delhi ( at their cost ) & in response a New motor will be sent to the customer at our expense.


SERVICE -AFTER Sales is the Core strength of any good professional company. At LORDS, since all our components, from A-Z  are produced from of our own moulds & dies ,we have made elaborate systems to provide our PAN India customers with ORIGNAL Spares of our machines round the clock. Each spare is a 100% OE  spare.
-In case of ADDITIONAL NEED OF SPARES during warranty or out of warranty period the same can be sent to the customer on Cost + courier chgs basis. For reference, Illustration of one model of our range HP-1260 is given below-Accordingly spares for other models can be supplied on Companies Price list available on demand.

PRICE LIST of ORIGNAL SPARES of LORDS xtra machine HP-1260


Item No. Name of Spare Qty      Price(incl of gst)
1. MOTOR HP-1260 1 Rs 1650/-  Enquiry Now
2. S/sJar -Big-liquidizer (compl with cover) 1 Rs 925/- Enquiry Now
3. S/s Jar -Small -Dry(compl with cover) 1 Rs 625/- Enquiry Now
4. Jar Blade: Big/Small 1 Rs 70/- Enquiry Now
5. Carbon Set 1 Rs 95/- Enquiry Now
6. Coupler :Motor/Jar 1 Rs 45/- Enquiry Now
7. Bush 1 Rs 90/- Enquiry Now
8. Spindle 1 Rs 45/- Enquiry Now
9. Big Jar Cover(with locks) 1 Rs 145/- Enquiry Now
10. Small Jar Cover 1 Rs 35/- Enquiry Now
11. Jar Gasket (big jar) 1 Rs 35/- Enquiry Now
12. Armature 1 Rs 1175/- Enquiry Now


We endeavor to attain our 'best' with every new clients.

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